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Sermons from Five Mile

Five Mile Community Church and Pastor Tom Lorimer have made these sermons available on-line:

If you have a broadband connection, just click on the sermon of your choice.
If you have a dial-up connection or would like to download the sermon to your computer, right click on the sermon title and choose "save link target as".  This will bring up a box where you can choose where you want to save the sermon.  Save the sermon and wait for it to finish downloading.  Then using My Computer, navigate to where you saved the file, double click on the sermon file and it will play for you without pauses.

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Date Sermon Title - Morning Service             Date Sermon Title - Evening Service
1-18-15 A Let Them Live!   1-18-15 PM Mummy or Miracle
1-11-15 AM What Right Do You Have to Be Angry?      
1-4-15 AM The Challenge (to read the Bible)   1-4-15 PM Prayer for the New Year
12-21-14 A No rooms for Jesus   12-21-14 P Coming to see Jesus
12-7-14 A Where Will We Find Christ?      
11-30-14 A The Second Coming      
11-23-14 A God's Gifts      
11-16-14 A     11-16-14 P Loyalty
11.09-14 A Be Responsible!   11-09-14 P Seek Ye me
11-02-14 A Beware of Covetousness   11-02-14 P A Godly Heritage
10-26-14 A Good News About Marriage   10-26-14 P Freedom under Attack
10-19-14 A Give!   10-19-14 P A Mid-Term Exam
10-5-14 A Holy Lit for Jesus   10-5-14 P When the Peg Breaks
9-28-14 A Follow the Leader   9-28-14 P Elijah:  An Ordinary Guy
9-21-14 A Come to Me and Drink   9-21-14 P The Cross
9-14-14 A Judge Righteous Judgment   9-14*-14 P Psalm 103  The Lord is Merciful
9-7-14 A Washing   9-7-14 P Laborers Together
8-31-14 A Only by Death      
8-24-14 A Our Stronghold   8-24-14 P How Do We Accomplish Our Mission?
8-10-14 A Road to Reconciliation   8-10-14 P Walking in the Way
8-3-14 A Holiness of Heart      
7-27-14 A Do Not Despise the Little Ones      
7-13-14 A Where Will You Spend Eternity?   7-13-14 P Psalm 20
7-6-14 AM Leaders See Differently   7-6-14 PM Don't Get Sidetracked
6-29-14 A How to Be a Christian      
6-15-14 A Love: The Foundation of the Home   6-15-14 P It's the Lord's Work
6-8-14 AM Take Heed and Beware   6-8-14 PM The Grace of God
6-1-14 AM Inside Out   6-1-14 PM Jesus: Restorer of the Penitent
5-25-14 A I AM!   5-25-14 P No Turning Back
5-18-14 A How Do We Accomplish Our Mission?      
5-4-14 A Come Apart and Rest   5-4-14 P Blessed Are Those Who Have Not Seen
4-27-14 A Make the Whole Tree Good  
4-20-14 A No More Night!   4-20-14 P Jesus:  The Conqueror of Death
4-13-14 A Jesus is Lord   4-13-14 P Is Jesus Your King?
4-6-14 A Recognitions of Worship Pt 3   4-6-14 P Jesus:  The Model Sufferer
3-30-14 A Recognitions of Worship  Pt 2      
3-23-14A Recognitions of Worship  Pt 1   3-23-14 P 7 Things Important to Jesus
3-16-14 A Jesus:  The True, Faithful Witness   3-16-14 P Jesus: The Great Intercessor
3-9-14 A     3-9-14 P  Jesus:  Giver of the Holy Spirit
3-2-14 A We Worship Jesus   3-2-14 P  We Need to Be Ready
2-23-14 A Fear of God   2-23-14 P Branches and the Vine
2-16-14 A Actions of Worship   2-16-14 P The Cycle of Discipleship
2-9-14 AM Positions of Worship      
2-2-14 AM Faith & Works   2-2-14 PM Prayer in Jesus' Name
1-26-14 A 12 Things Ascribed to Jesus   1-26-14 P First & Continuing Steps of Discipleship
1-19-14 AM What is Worship?   1-19-14 PM Don't Have a Troubled Heart
1-12-14 AM The Image of God in you      
1-5-14 AM Hope in our Powerful God   1-5-14 PM Jesus: The Consoler
12-22-13 A God Came in Holiness      
12-8-13 AM A Savior is Born      
11-24-13 A Creation's Psalm   11-24-13 P What Does Jesus Have for You?
11-17-13 A Sheep in the Midst of Wolves   11-17-13 P Love One Another
11-10-13 A  Persecuted Believers   11-10-13 P  A Teacher or My Teacher
11-3-13 A Go Ahead!   11-3-13 P Keep Your Feet Washed
      10-27-13 P Jesus - The Servant
10-13-13 A The Tempest Stilled   10-13-13 P To Have God Glorify Himself
10-6-13 AM The Reality of a Mixed Multitude   10-6-13 PM Only By Death
9-29-13 AM Listen      
9-22-13 AM Heaven   9-22-13 PM The Power of Unanswered Prayer
9-15-13 AM How to Keep God from Being Against you Part 2   9-15-13 PM Jesus the King
9-8-13 AM How to Keep God from Being Against You   9-8-13 PM Worship Jesus
9-1-13 AM Good Tidings      
8-25-13 AM The Lord is Jealous   8-25-13 PM How Do You React to Jesus?
8-18-13 AM Jesus, Our Stronghold   8-18-13 PM The Two Shortest Verses
8-11-13 AM After the High Points of Inspiration
  8-11-13 PM Jesus:  The Lord of Life
8-4-13 AM God Has a River      
7-28-13 AM Jesus Prayed  (Jn 17)      
7-21-13 AM Jesus is Victor   7-21-13 PM Jesus:  The Son of God
7-14-13 AM How To Have the Important Things   7-14-13 PM Security in Christ
7-07-13 AM True Freedom   7-07-13 PM Jesus:  Shepherd to Success
6-30-13 AM Revival to Ruin:  A Tale of Four Sons   6-30-13 PM Jesus:  The Good Shepherd
6-23-13 AM Thriving in Exile      
6-16-13 AM A Father to Be Proud Of   6-16-13 PM Jesus:  The Door
6-9-13 AM Keep On!   6-9-13 AM How to Keep a Misunderstanding from becoming a War!
6-2-13 AM 7 Principles for Life      
5-26-13 AM Gods' Treasured Possession      
5-19-13 AM How to Be a Success      
5-12-13 AM Give Mom her Fruit      
5-5-13 AM The Yoke of the Lord   5-5-13 PM 1st Man Filled with the Spirit
4-28-13 AM Ask, Seek, Knock      
4-21-13 AM Do Something Good   4-21-13 PM Jesus:  The Light of the World
4-14-13 AM How to Have Victory Today   4-14-13 PM Judge Not
4-7-13 AM Prayer   4-7-13 PM Who Is Your Father?
3-13-13 AM Jesus - The Liberator      
3-24-13 AM Hosanna to the Son of David   3-24-13 PM The Example of Gethsemane
3-17-13 AM Great is Thy Faithfulness   3-17-13 PM And They Believed?
3-3-13 AM Seek First God's Kingdom   3-3-13 PM Freedom
2-24-13 AM The Team      
2-17-13 AM Essential Ingredients of the Christian Life   2-17-13 PM Questions About Jesus
2-10-13 AM Holiness and Our Work   2-10-13 PM Why do We Do What We Do?
2-3-13 AM Holiness and the Family   2-3-13PM Where is Your Treasure?
1-20-13 AM Abortion and the Conscience of a nation   1-20-13 PM Psalm 4
1-13-13 AM How to Help the Bible Speak to You   1-13-13 PM How You Can Go On!
1-6-13 AM New Year's Resolutions  Psa 101   1-6-13 PM To Gain or To Give
12-30-12 A Let God Speak!      
12-23-12 A How God's Will Is Revealed   12-23-12 P How Can We Describe Him?
12-9-12 AM Christmas and the Family      
12-2-12 AM Announcing Christ      
      11-18-12 P Jesus: The Scapegoat
11-11-12 A Be Ye Perfect   11-11-12 P Jesus:  The Bread of Life
 11-4-12 AM  Prayer for the Suffering    11-4-12 PM  What Makes one Stick?
10-28-12 A Love Your Enemies      
10-21-12 A Don't Fight Back   10-21-12 P To Be Used of God
10-7-12 AM How Should We Vote?   10-7-12 PM How to Build Faith
9-30-12 AM Mormonism      
9-23-12 AM The Christian's Preoccupation II   9-23-12 PM Jesus:  One with the Father
      9-16-12 PM Jesus:  The Great Physician
9-9-12 AM The Christian's Passion   9-9-12 PM The Miracle of Faith
9-2-12 AM Change We Can Believe In      
8-26-12 AM A Sidetrack from Holiness   8-26-12 PM What's For Dinner?
8-19-12 AM Hope For Prayer   8-19-12 PM Which Fire is Yours?
8-12-12 AM Pluck Out Your Eye?   8-12-12 PM Jesus - The Soul Winner
8-5-12 AM A Godly Heritage   8-5-12 PM How to Make Your Job Meaningful
7-22-12 AM While the Light Shines      
7-15-12 AM What the Bible teaches about homosexuality   7-15-12 PM Jesus:  The Divine Teacher
7-8-12 AM Sodom & Gomorrah   7-8-12 PM Jesus:  The Divine Teacher
7-1-12 AM In God We Trust   7-1-12 PM Milk Faith
6-17-12 AM Wake Up      
6-10-12 AM Clearing Out the Trash   6-10-12 PM My Father's House
6-3-12 AM Prepared for Ministry   6-3-12 PM Jesus - The Ladder
5-27-12 AM Be Reconciled (to each other)      
      5-20-12 PM Jesus and Marriage
      5-13-12 PM By All Means, Save Some
5-6-12 AM John the Baptist - Our Example      
4-29-12 AM God is . . .    Psalm 119      
4-22-12 AM Remember the Word      
4-15-12 AM Let Your Light Shine   4-15-12 PM Pray for Rain
4-8-12 AM He is Not Here!      
4-1-12 AM How to Handle the Troubles of Life   4-1-12 PM To Change the World
3-25-12 AM The Up People      
3-18-12 AM A Sidetrack From Holiness   3-18-12 PM A Solid Foundation
3-11-12 AM And the Wind Blew   3-11-12 PM Things That Hinder Christian Growth
3-4-12 AM Stewardship of the Faith   3-4-12 PM Holiness & the Family
2-26-12 AM What Did God Give You Money For?      
2-12-12 AM What Did God Give You a Mind For?   2-12-12 PM Passing the Faith to the Next Generation
2-5-12 AM Its About Time   2-5-12 PM Godliness
1-29-12 AM Our Consuming Passion      
1-22-12 AM Let the Children Come   1-22-12 PM How to Be Kind & Loving
1-15-12 AM Rejoice & Be Glad   1-15-12 PM Crucified with Christ
1-8-12 AM Follow Me!   1-8-12 PM What Does the Lord Require?
1-1-12 AM Three Cups (Communion)      
12-25-11 A But God at Christmas      
12-18-11 A Why Do You Come?   12-18-11 P You Can't Afford to Die
12-4-11 AM What will This Child Turn Out to Be?      
      11-27-11 PM God Answers Prayers for Those with Weak Faith
11-20-11 AM Give Thanks  Psa 107   11-20-11 P Give Thanks for Holiness
11-6-11 AM Lift Up Your Eyes and Look   11-6-11 PM Why Do You Gad About So Much?
10-30-11 A Alive With Jesus      
10-23-11 A Why Do the Wicked Prosper?   10-23-11 P Our Lord!  Psa 96
10-16-11 A Like Precious Faith   10-16-11 P Why Complain?
10-9-11 AM Repent  (Command of Christ)   10-9-11 PM Money and Responsibility
10-2-11 AM How to Know you are a Disciple   10-2-11 PM Responding to Peer Pressure
9-25-11 AM Jesus:  The Son of God   9-25-11 PM Discernment in Christian Character
9-18-11 AM Two Lanes   9-18-11 PM Heaven
9-11-11 AM The Real Enemy   9-11-11 PM What Evil Has He Done?
9-4-11 AM Don't Be a Fool      
8-28-11 AM Why Be Faithful?   8-28-11 PM Which Fire is Yours?
8-21-11 AM Discipleship 24/7 (Pt 1 in set)   8-21-11 PM Walk With Christ (Pt 2 in set)
8-14-11 AM How to Set the Direction of Your Life   8-14-11 PM Jesus is Number 1
8-07-11 AM Worship Him Always   8-07-11 PM 3 Levels of Living
7-31-11 AM Encounter With God      
7-24-11 AM Baptism in the Holy Spirit      
7-17-11 AM God Cares   7-17-11 PM Dangers of the Internet
7-3-11  AM The US:  A Christian Nation      
6-12-19 AM Hope in Prayer   6-19-11 PM Principles for Living
6-5-11 AM First Three Questions God Asked   6-5-11 PM Jesus is the Light
5-29-11 AM Hold the Line   5-29-11 PM Why Sing?
5-22-11 AM Is There Any Word from the Lord?   5-22-11 PM But God in Habakkuk
5-15-11 AM How to Set the Direction of Your Life      
5-08-11 AM A Godly Mother      
5-1-11 AM Is There Any Hope?   5-1-11 PM But God in Jonah
4-24-11 AM Will It Do?      
4-17-11 AM  How to Move a City   4-17-11 PM  Two Men Who Died
4-10-11 AM What Do You Want Jesus to Do for You?   4-10-11 PM Our God is the True God
4-3-11  AM We Preach Jesus!   4-3-11 PM But God in Jeremiah (1)
3-27-11 AM A Spiritual Self-Examination   3-27-11 PM But God in Isaiah
3-6-11 AM The Widow's Son   3-6-11 PM But God in the Proverbs
2-27-11 AM What Makes Jesus Marvel?      
2-20-11 AM Why Not Drink?   2-20-11 PM But God in the Psalms
2-13-11 AM On Keeping the Church Pure   2-13-11 PM Faithfulness
2-6-11 AM God's Goal - Our Goal   2-13-11 PM But God in the Conflicts of Life
      1-23-11 PM Life
1-16-11 AM Jesus is Number 1 Col 1   1-16-11 PM The Coming Persecution
1-9-11 AM Why I Believe in Holiness   1-9-11 PM Disappointments
1-2-11 AM The Open Door   1-2-11 PM Challenge to Power
12-26-10 A Wise Men Still Seek Him!      
12-19-10 A The Confirmation of Christ   12-19-10 P The High Cost of Christmas
12-5-10 AM Why Christmas?      
11-28-10 A What Child is This?   11-28-10 P The Grace of Christmas
11-21-10 A An Offering of Worship   11-21-10 P Don't Play Loose with God
11-14-10 A Remember the Persecuted   11-14-10 P Four Gifts from Jesus
11-7-10 AM Real Freedom   11-7-10 PM But God - Deu.
      10-24-10 P Crowns
10-17-10 A Our Changed Lives in Jesus      
10-10-10 A A God Revival   10-10-10 P The Galilean Accent
10-3-10 AM Why Pray?   10-3-10 PM The Finish Line
9-26-10 AM The Father's Blessings Col 1:12-14   9-26-10 PM Passing the Torch  Heb 12:1-2
9-19-10 AM Paul's Prayer  Col 1:9-12   9-19-10 PM Run To Win  1Co 9:24-27
9-12-10 AM What a Ransom!   9-12-10 PM This is the Day  Psa 118
9-5-10 AM Three Realms  (Col 1:3-8)      
8-29-10 AM What is in Your Hand?  (Moses)      
8-22-10 AM Humility & the Lion's Den   8-22-10 PM The Call of Moses
8-15-10 AM Ministry    Col 1:1-2   8-15-10 PM But God  (in Genesis)
8-8-10 AM Three Precious Things in Peter   8-8-10 PM 7 Prayer Requests of Psa 143
8-1-10 AM What Kind of Leader?   8-1-10 PM Why I Don't Believe in Evolution
7-18-10 AM Jesus, the Prince      
7-11-10 AM Pray!   7-11-10 PM Lord of Lords & King of Kings
7-4-10 AM Freedom      
6-27-10 AM Freed!   6-27-10 PM After All I've Done
6-20-10 AM Choose to Die!   6-20-10 PM Culmination of Theophanies
6-6-10 AM Thief!   6-6-10 PM In the Fire with Jesus
5-30-10 AM Memorial Day Message      
5-23-10 AM Did the Sun Rise This Morning?   5-23-10 PM Called to Faith & Obedience
5-16-10 AM True Discipleship Wins!   5-16-10 PM Stopped in his tracks
5-9-10 AM Ruth, A Mother      
5-2-10 AM Regarding the Sabbath   5-2-10 PM The Giving of the 10 Commandments
4-25-10 AM How to Handle Problems  Psa 39   4-25-10 PM The Call of Moses
      4-18-10 PM Jacob Wrestles with God
4-11-10 AM God is Greater!   4-11-10 PM Dear Lord, Save Lot!
4-4-10 AM The Pit      
3-21-10 AM How To Keep From Falling Away   3-21-10 PM God Appears to Hagar
3-14-10 AM Keep Your Feet Washed!   3-14-10 PM What's So Funny?
3-7-10 AM Making the Word of No Effect   3-7-10 PM The Beginning of Redemptive Heritage
2-28-10 AM Don't Be Deceived   2-28-10 PM The Tragedy of Sin
2-21-10 AM A Complete Consecration   2-21-10 PM How to Stand in Holy Places
1-31-10 AM The Promises of God from Haggai      
1-24-10 AM How to Deal with Unfairness   1-24-10 PM David and the Showbread
1-17-10 AM Zephaniah's Message   1-17-10 PM Elijah is Alive!
1-10-10 AM Living the Vision   1-10-10 PM Moses is Alive!
1-3-10 AM Worship the Lord!   1-3-10 PM The Signs
12-27-09 A Jesus Would Go   12-27-09 P Flight to Egypt
12-13-09 A God With Us in Destiny      
12-06-09 A God With Us Every Day      
11-29-09 A God With Us in Redemption      
11-22-09 A A Mistaken Thanksgiving   11-22-09 P Strike the Shepherd
11-15-09 A A Pattern for Prayer   11-15-09 P Naaman's Miracle
11-8-09 AM The Dimensions of Real Love    11-8-09 PM The Widow's Oil
11-01-09 A The Description of Real Love v. 7   11-01-09 P Keep the Queen's Attitude
10-25-09 A The Description of Real Love v. 5b-6      
10-18-09 A The Description of Real Love  v. 5a   10-18-09 P Jesus Is Lifted Up
10-11-09 A The Description of Real Love  v. 4b   10-11-09 P God of the Living
10-4-09 AM The Description of Real Love  v. 4   10-4-09 PM As the Day of Lot
9-27-09 AM The Demand for Real Love   9-27-09 PM As in the Days of Noah
9-20-09 AM Four Principles for Victorious Living      
9-13-09 AM Appeal to Grace (Philemon)   9-13-09 PM Loyalty  (Esther)
09-6-09 AM Forgiveness      
8-23-09 AM Honoring God through Promoting Him      
8-16-09 AM Honoring God through Giving   8-16-09 PM The Security of the Believer
8-9-09 AM Honoring God through Obedience   8-9-09 PM What to Do When You Can't Sleep
8-2-09 AM Honoring God by Giving Respect      
7-26-09 AM Honoring God by Giving Attention      
6-28-09 AM How to Emphasize God's Reputation   6-28-09 PM Blessed People
6-21-09 AM Fathers Honor the Lord      
6-07-09 AM How To Honor the Lord   6-07-09 PM Turning Bills into Blessings
5-31-09 AM Mr. Trouble's Answered Prayer      
5-24-09 AM Jesus - Giver of the Water of Life
  5-24-09 PM The Blessings of Family & Children
5-17-09 AM Jesus - the Bridegroom      
      5-10-09 PM Mothers That Please God
5-3-09 AM 4 Temptations the Entice One to Go Astray   5-3-09 PM How to Encourage People With Praise
4-26-09 AM 4 Evidences of a People Gone Astray   4-26-09 PM Solid Foundations
4-19-09 AM 4 Sins of a Good Man Gone Astray   4-19-09 PM The Road To Sight
4-12-09 AM Why Did Jesus Die?   4-12-09 PM Why Do You Come to the Tomb?
4-05-09 AM To Change the World   4-05-09 PM Three Years - Three Hours
3-29-09 AM You Must Be Holy      
3-22-09 AM God is Holy   3-22-09 PM Opened Eyes
3-15-09 AM I Watched a Man Plow   3-15-09 PM Opened Ears
      3-08-09 PM Final Words
 3-01-09 AM  Jesus   3-01-09 PM Pray for Us
2-22-09 AM The Road to Blessing      
2-15-09 AM How to Bless God   2-15-09 PM People - God Relationships
2-08-09 AM How to Gain the Blessing   2-08-09 PM People to People Relationships
2-01-09 AM How to Raise Godly Children   2-01-09 PM Pastor-People Relationships
1-25-09 AM How to Handle Criticism   1-25-09 PM The "Who" of the 2nd Coming
1-18-09 AM How to Have the Blessings of God   1-18-09 PM What Should You Know About the 2nd Coming?
1-11-09 AM Don't Settle for 2nd Best   1-11-09 PM Why Should You Know About the 2nd Coming?
1-04-09 AM Give Us Sight! part 2      
12-28-08 AM Give Us Sight! part 1   12-28-08 PM Quiet & Peaceful Life
12-21-08     12-21-08 PM Behold, the Man
12-14-08 AM The Temptations of Christmas      
12-07-08 AM The Trials of Christmas   12-07-08 PM This Child is God!
11-30-08 AM God's Holy Choice of Love      
      11-23-08 PM Be Thankful
11-16-08 AM Guaranteed Victory   11-16-08 PM Why Be Sanctified? Part 3
11-09-08 AM Prayer for God's People   11-09-08 PM Why Be Sanctified? Part 2
11-02-08 AM Benefits of Persecution?   11-02-08 PM Why Be Sanctified?
10-19-08 AM Imitate God   10-19-08 PM Three Essentials of a Dynamic Church
      10-05-08 PM The Prayer of a Pastor
09-28-08 AM We Receive and Respond to God's Love   09-28-08 PM The Pathos of a Pastor
09-21-08 AM God is Love   09-21-08 PM How to be the Spiritual Leader at Home
09-14-08 AM God is Revelation   09-14-08 PM The Mission of the Church
09-07-08 AM God Is   09-07-08 PM Fighting the Cause
08-31-08 AM God Can Take Care of You      
08-24-08 AM The Trilemma   08-24-08 PM Stewardship of Time
08-10-08 AM How to Be Blessed   08-10-08 PM Heros
08-03-08 AM Times of Testing      
07-27-08 AM Sowing & Reaping      
07-20-08 AM Who me?  A Saint?   07-20-08 PM How To Be a Praiseworthy Disciple
06-29-08 AM How to Live on Less  Part 2      
06-22-08 AM How to Live on Less  Part 1   06-22-08 PM How to Earn the Right to Speak
06-08-08 AM How Do You Handle Success   06-08-08 PM God is Witness
06-01-08 AM How to Have Victory in Suffering   06-01-08 PM How to Not Fail in Calling
05-25-08 AM Scrap the New Cart   05-25-08 PM A Model Church Part 2
05-18-08 AM Have You Tied the Rope?   05-18-08 PM A Model Church
05-11-08 AM In Honor of Mothers      
05-04-08 AM Lord, Who?   05-04-08 PM God Has Called You
04-27-08 AM How to Build a Family   04-27-08 PM How Do You Want to be Remembered?
04-20-08 AM The Light   04-20-08 PM How to Use Memories for God
04-13-08 AM Basic Disciplines of the Christian Life      
04-06-08 AM Do You Really Believe in the 2nd Coming   04-06-08 PM Dayspring from On High
03-30-08 AM The Word of God      
03-23-08 AM God of the Living   03-23-08 PM Dry Bones Can Live Again
03-16-08 AM Impostor or the Christ?   03-16-08 PM I'll Put the Ear Back On
03-09-08 AM The Lord is the Spirit   03-09-08 PM Be Filled With the Spirit
03-02-08 AM Jesus:  The Shepherd to Success   03-02-08 PM God's Sovereignty
    02-24-08 PM Why Does Jesus Wait to Answer Prayer?
02-17-08 AM Jesus:  The Good Shepherd   02-17-08 PM A Pattern for Prayer
    02-10-08 PM Come over and Help us
02-03-08 AM What's Wrong with Gambling?   02-03-08 PM Three Miracles!
01-27-08 AM Jesus The Prophet   01-27-08 PM A Challenge of Attitudes
01-20-08 AM 50 Million and Counting   01-20-08 PM A Godly Heritage
01-13-08 AM Jesus: The Radiance of the Glory      
01-06-08 AM How To Have Meaningful Devotions   01-06-08 PM A Warning Against Pride
12-30-07 AM Alpha and Omega      
12-23-07 AM Lord of Glory   12-23-07 PM Lord of Peace
12-09-07 AM Mary's Prophecy   12-09-07 PM Zechariah's Prophecy
12-02-07 AM Elizabeth's Prophecy      
11-25-07 AM The Angel's Prophecy   11-25-07 PM You, A Delegate
11-18-07 AM How to Develop a Thankful Attitude   11-18-07 PM God Hears Prayers of the Ordinary
11-11-07 AM The Lion of Judah   11-11-07 PM The Spirit Says Take Risk
11-04-07 AM The Coming One   11-04-07 PM The Spirit Says Combine Talents
10-28-07 AM Jesus:  The True & Faithful Witness   10-28-07 PM The Spirit Says Move Out
10-21-07 AM Lord of Sabboth   10-21-07 PM The Spirit Says Follow Through
10-14-07 AM Jesus: Heir of All Things   10-14-07 PM To Reach Our Potential
      10-07-07 PM How to Have the Blessings of God
09-30-07 AM What to Do with Conflict      
09-09-07 AM If My People   09-09-07 PM Stay Soft
08-26-07 AM Sir   08-26-07 PM Prosperity & Success
08-05-07 AM Jesus: The Name   08-05-07 AM The Blessing of a Good Name
07-29-07 AM Creation Vs. Evolution      
07-22-07 AM Jesus: The Cornerstone      
07-08-07 AM The Great Leveler   07-08-07 PM Jesus - the Express Image
07-01-07 AM Passing the Test   07-01-07 PM A Teacher or My Teacher
06-24-07 AM Curses To Blessings   06-24-07 PM Jesus, the Beginning,
Firstborn and Amen
06-17-07 AM How to Find Victory in Problems   06-17-07 PM Jesus, the Living One
06-10-07 AM Jesus, the Master      
06-03-07 AM Jesus, the Son of God   06-03-07 PM How to Lead Great Change
05-27-07 AM God Will Make A Way   05-27-07 PM What Crowd Are You In?
05-20-07 AM Jesus, Our Savior   05-20-07 PM Does God Know?
05-13-07 AM Mother's Day      
05-06-07 AM Get Wisdom      
04-29-07 AM Why Did God Let It Happen?      
04-22-07 AM Jesus - The Carpenter      
04-15-07 AM Fishing Away   04-15-07 PM One Way to Blessing
04-08-07 AM It Is Finished      
04-01-07 AM Into Thy Hands      
03-25-07 AM My God, My God   03-25-07 PM Run With Patience
03-11-07 AM I Thirst   03-11-07 PM Jesus is Coming Again
03-04-07 AM Today in Paradise   03-04-07 PM Bridge to Life
02-25-07 AM Father, Forgive Them   02-25-07 PM Behold, Thy Son
      02-18-07 PM Jesus:  The Image of God
02-11-07 AM Real Love Passes the Tests   02-11-07 PM Thou Shalt Not Covet
02-04-07 AM Moses' Great Test   02-04-07 PM Thou Shalt Not Lie
01-28-07 AM Life is Precious   01-28-07 PM Thou Shalt Not Steal
01-21-07 AM Abimelech Speaks      
01-14-07 AM Jesus - The Servant   01-14-07 AM Look On!
01-07-07 AM Prayer for a New Year   01-07-07 PM Who Do You Trust
12-31-06 AM The Challenge (To Read the Bible)      
12-24-06 AM Believe God for the Impossible      
      12-17-06 Christmas with Grammar
12-10-06 AM Wise Men: Keep Your Eye on the Goal
12-03-06 AM The Time Is Now   12-03-06 PM Jesus - From Where?
11-26-06 AM Joseph:  God's Example for Jesus   11-26-06 PM Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery
11-19-06 AM I Should Be Thankful!      
11-12-06 AM How to Respond To Suffering      
11-05-06 AM The Church Mission   11-05-06 PM Thou Shalt Not Kill
10-29-06 AM A Disciplined Church
10-22-06 AM An Interceding Church   10-22-06 PM A Willing Vessel
10-15-06 AM A Cooperative Church   10-15-06 PM Honor Thy Father and Mother
10-08-06 AM The Right Heros   10-08-06 PM What Jesus Has For You
10-01-06 AM The Old Fashioned Gospel   10-01-06 PM Christian Relationships
09-24-06 AM The Right Consecration   09-24-06 PM What a Day!
09-17-06 AM The Right Walk   09-17-06 PM God's Name in Vain
09-10-06 AM The Right Conversion
  09-10-06 PM No Graven Images
09-03-06 AM How to Make Your Job Meaningful
08-06-06 AM Great is Thy Faithfulness
  08-06-06 PM Life Isn't Fair
      07-30-06 PM A Call to Fast
07-23-06 AM To Keep the Commands of Christ      
      07-16-06 PM To Win The Fight, Do What's Right
07-09-06 AM The Throne Forever   07-09-06 PM Give the Root the Boot
      07-02-06 PM The Victorious Way is To Obey
06-25-06 AM Deliverance   06-25-06 PM Trust God to Win the Battle
06-04-06 AM And the Wind Blew!   06-04-06 PM Don't Say No When God Says Go
05-28-06 AM Memorials      
05-21-06 AM Paul's Prayer for the Colossians   05-21-06 PM Don't Give Up!
05-07-06 AM Three Keys from Naaman's Story   05-07-06 PM God has just begun to work
05-14-06 AM Consecrated Prayers      
04-23-06 AM Do you love Me?   04-23-06 PM Can God really provide?
04-16-06 AM Resurrection Sunday
04-09-06 AM When Jesus Comes to Town      
04-02-06 AM When Jesus Comes to Church   04-02-06 PM Plant Now, Reap Later
03-26-06 AM When Jesus Comes To Work   03-26-06 PM A Warning
03-12-06 AM When Jesus Comes Home   03-12-06 PM In a Growing Church
03-05-06 AM How to beat peer pressure
  03-05-06 PM How to make moral decisions
02-26-06 AM How to turn bills into Blessings!   02-26-06 PM How to make it in the ministry
02-19-06 AM It's no formula      
02-12-06 AM A Pure Bride for the Groom   02-12-06 PM To Be or Not To Be: Lazy
02-05-06 AM Will the Giants Win?   02-05-06 PM Three Simple Truths
01-29-06 AM Jesus is alive!  So what?      
01-22-06 AM The Value of Life   01-22-06 PM The Finish Line
01-15-06 AM Look to Jesus   01-15-06 PM Will You Pass on the Faith?
01-08-06 AM Jesus is Our Consoler      
01-01-06 AM Choose Who You Will Serve This Year      
12-25-05 AM Christmas in Heaven      
11-27-05 AM A Pattern for Prayer   11-27-05 PM A Lively Hope
      11-20-05 PM Are You Thankful?
11-13-05 AM Freedoms Compared